Industry Leader, Matty Toomb, Predicts 2021 Growth Expectations

As a leader in the promotional product industry, Matty Toomb of Profill Solutions wears numerous hats. Early in his career, he worked for a few firms that provided mentoring. He absorbed their qualities and formulated his own best practices when it came to Creative and Operations. In sales, he handled many projects at once, and gained a lot of experience just by being in the weeds.

He advises others starting out, “If you are going to commit to this industry you must recognize that you are signing up for a 24/7 access position. Your email and cell are always on and the more you communicate that things are good the better your relationship with your customers will be.”

Toomb’s favorite part of his career? He loves working with different brands and the promo industry allows him to do that. “You can work on projects for companies such as Jiffy Lube, Marriott, Netflix, and Allstate all in the same week.” This different insight allowed him to become well-rounded over the years. Having to adapt and develop different brand marketing and engagement strategies constantly isn’t an easy task.

Something that Toomb has specialized in is developing kits. There are different kinds and purposes for them including employee appreciation, holiday gift, corporate gift, back to work, new hire, and more. Developing the best, most impressionable kit takes a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding when you get the “wow” factor from the recipient!

Toomb says good packaging is the best way to sell it. Invest in a colorful branded box and package it neatly. “We also believe there should be some type of call-to-action messaging inside the kit. It’s a missed opportunity if you don’t tell them something important or ask them to do something next.” Send them to social media to share the gift there too. This will deliver more results.

When looking for inspiration, Toomb advises to look at retail. Branded merchandise is usually seen there first, then you have to figure out how to get your product there. The use of humor will get you far too. “If you can catch the attention of a recipient with big, bold text and get them to think or react, it is more impactful than inserting a 8.5” x 11” letter in the kit that no one is going to read.”

Orders can have thousands of units and multiple items in a kit. Preparation is important, even for someone who typically works in the creative department. Toomb has a project management certification that aids him in building out the success steps. “We don’t over promise. We don’t skip steps. We plan our week, but then build in contingency because we know there is always something that will come up close to beginning the project that could affect the timeline.”

Work from home and back to work kits have been huge lately. Going into the new year, how is the industry going to evolve, and what is the “next big thing?” Toomb believes “we have another two years where kits and three dimensional mailings are part of the marketing budgets. On-demand gift-giving and microsites are on the rise. Instead of everyone receiving the same item, recipients are getting the opportunity to select their gift.” Certainly a very cool transition that would do very well for the product provider if done right.

Currently, Toomb is working on a unique kit with us. Details can’t be shared right now, but he described what it’s like to work with Zuplift. He said, “Zuplift focuses on the little details when it comes to each kit. They also make sure they check the boxes when it comes to the three elements needed for every project – creativity, on-time delivery and budget.”

In a final thought about lessons to be learned in the field, Toomb said, “every project and delivered product experience is important. Treat the small jobs the same as the big ones. The details and communication must be constant and consistent.” Rightly so.

Featured Image: Screenshot of Matty Toomb

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