Top 5 Winter Corporate Gifts 2020

Winter is coming! Here in the mitten state, it’s already cold and the first snow has fallen. If you haven’t already pulled your warm clothes out of storage, now’s the time to do so! As marketers and HR reps, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of these changes. Get these winter corporate gifts for your employees and prospect clients. A unique product for the home will maximize your brand awareness.

Winter Coats

Seventy percent of consumers keep their promo outerwear for a year or longer. There are many different styles, colors and amenities available with coats. Add your company logo to one of the breast pockets and it is *chef’s kiss.* This Stormtech Stavanger Thermal Jacket is perfect for the cold, rain or snow. Not content with merely providing toasty warmth with its full coverage hood and ultralight polyfill baffles, this jacket has more tricks up its sleeve. Quickly and easily pack the jacket into its own pocket to magically transform it into a travel pillow! So, cozy up on a cool, crisp day and adventure forth knowing you have it all covered.


Seventy-one percent of Gen X’ers are more likely to do business after receiving promo drinkware. Drinkware is perfect because they can be eco-friendly, come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and keeps beverages cold or warm. Keeping hot chocolate heated has never been more stylish. This fall, there has been a release of brand new colors. Expect a winter color scheme as well. Stuff drinkware with candies and snacks for clients and employees. Dropship can be available for the holiday season, just ask about it!


Who doesn’t love a warm, soft blanket to curl up with while watching a movie while the snow falls? This gift is simple, can be branded and is a sure fire crowd pleaser. Take it a step further buy making the one color or pattern your brand’s colors. If people take the blanket out to a sporting event when it’s chilly, that’s free advertising for you! There’s more touch points than just in the home!

Liquore Baskets

In the holiday season, many people enjoy spirits with family and friends. Buy pre-made packages or piece together your own. If you’re not sure what candies or snacks go best with what liquor, ask a professional for help. Items that compliment each other will make your gift stand out from competitors. Add a card to your beautiful package for personal touch. Check the laws in your state and where you plan to ship liquor to. Some states have alcoholic beverages restriction laws that prohibit shipment.


Bluetooth headphones or earbuds can be a great, frequently used gift. Since you don’t know what kind of phone a person has, bluetooth is the best way to go. There are so many different styles to choose from. Do you want to go wireless, true wireless or with over the ears headphones? The case can be branded, or depending on the manufacturer, the earbuds/headphones themselves could host the logo. This kind of gift is something everyone would appreciate, especially if you focus on the quality.

To make a promotional product campaign successful, make sure the items are useful. These winter corporate gifts will surely create recurring impressions. If you’d like some help narrowing down the best, most useful items, contact a client rep.

Featured Image: Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

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