Why Do Promotional Products Work? And How To Incorporate Them.

If you are a marketer, you may be wondering “do promotional products work?” and “how do I incorporate them into my marketing strategies?” They can be a cost effective and fun way to share your brand with the world. What are promo products? They are anything from branded pens to t-shirts. Any item you can think of can be used as one. Depending on your business type, certain items may represent your brand better than others. Regardless of your budget, you can find something that works for you.

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Compared to digital marketing or print advertisements, promotional products are cheaper and perform better. An ad will only occupy a few seconds of someone’s time, and they are likely to forget about it. Promotional products are tangible and make reoccurring, lasting impacts.

Brand Recognition and Awareness

Brand recognition is one of the top reasons to use promotional products. From pens to t-shirts, putting your logo or company name on them will boost awareness. According to Quality Logo Products, 90% of people can recall the name of a brand and 80% can recall the messaging. They can also have an impact on other people in public. Someone wearing your branded t-shirt is a form of free advertising for you. For example, a Michigan State shirt can illicit an emotional response — even if that reaction is a “SPARTY ON” or “GO BLUE!”

Long Lasting Exposure

Promotional items have long-term use. Most people (60%) continue to use items for over two years. That is a lasting impact with multiple impressions each week. Examples include coffee mugs or water bottles. People love to get items like these. Consumers under the age of 55 prefer this form of advertising compared to other methods and 69% would take an item if they thought it was useful (Quality Logo Products). When items get old for one person, they get passed on to a friend or family member. Instead of having impacted one person, the product has now impacted two.


Corporate Gifts

When looking to work with another company, sending them a useful item or two can encourage them to partner with you. This is one strategy that works if you are trying to generate sales leads for B2B. They also make great thank you’s after a closed deal. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of people decide to work with a company (Quality Logo Products).

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They aren’t only used for your consumers or business partners, use promo products to show appreciation to your employees. It’s nice to get a little gift package now and then. It fosters corporate identity and loyalty to your company. The items don’t have to be outrageous or expensive, just enough to say thanks for all your hard work. Keep internal excitement alive with a branded crew neck, pens, flash drives, or an organizer.

Giveaways at Events

During trade shows or other events, make your booth stand out with the coolest promo products. Fifty two percent of trade show attendees are more likely to enter an exhibit with giveaways (Quality Logo Products). Be sure to select items with the best quality, as it’s a representation of your brand. Poor quality items can prevent someone from wanting to work with you. Even in the Covid-19 climate, it is possible to offer giveaways for online conferences. Goody bags can be mailed directly to the consumer.

Designing Your Promotional Products

Keep your designs simple. Stick with your brand colors, logo and wordmark. There is no need to include a phone number, social media handle or address, especially if it is something smaller like a pen or flash drive. Too much information will be a distraction.

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Statistics Source: Quality Logo Products

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